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After a pre-configured image? Thinking of upgrading? Look no further – choose from our available installation options below.
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Please review the VMWare Trial Install guide to ensure your install process is as smooth as possible.
The OVA is suitable for VMWare 5.0 & above.

Microsoft HyperV logo

Please review the Hyper-V Trial Install guide to ensure your install process is as smooth as possible.
Download the VHD below to begin your NetConnect journey.

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The Amazon Install guide is your key to a stress-free NetConnect 8 install, but before you begin your
NetConnect 8 journey on AWS there are a few things you’ll need:

1) An account with AWS
2) An existing server within AWS that you wish to connect to via NetConnect 8
3) A Virtual Private Cloud configuration in place

Microsoft Azure logo

To find all the necessary information on how to get NetConnect 8 up and running on Azure please head to the Azure Marketplace via the button below.

You will see the relevant links on the NetConnect 8 Azure Marketplace page under the “Learn more” header.

For the Installation Guide hit the button below.


Want to install NetConnect 8 from scratch? Download the necessary packages below.


Use this file to upgrade NetConnect 8 to the latest software release (min 8.1 required).

Not on version NetConnect 8.1 or greater yet? Use the guide below to upgrade to the latest version.

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