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What Is HTML5 Remote Desktop and How Does an HTML5 RDP Gateway Client Provide Remote Access?

Perhaps you are adopting a BYOD (bring your own device) policy for your business and want employees to be able to access the file server securely from any device. Alternatively, maybe you have realised some of the security and liability risks of cloud storage and want to move back to an on-prem server without sacrificing remote access. Either way, an HTML5 RDP client service might be the answer to your conundrum.

NetConnect: Your HTML5 Remote Desktop Solution

At Northbridge Secure Systems, we believe the best and most secure way to allow for secure remote file access is through HTML5 RDP technology. RDP stands for ‘remote desktop protocol.’ It is a protocol designed by Microsoft for their Azure cloud computing service, and makes it possible to run a desktop environment on one system while getting remote access to it from another device. This technology can give a remote user the ability to access a PC or server from afar. An HTML5 remote desktop (RPD) client system utilises a HTML5 compatible web browser to forge the connections between the two systems or devices.

NetConnect is a Northbridge HTML5 RDP client service that allows this kind of remote access connection to exist. In the simplest of terms, NetConnect enables users to access corporate documents and resources remotely via an HTML5 browser or native app on Android and iOS devices. It doesn’t matter whether the user is accessing the resources remotely via a desktop computer, a laptop, or a mobile device. In other words, NetConnect can easily allow for telecommuting, BYOD, working from home or different scenarios where remote access is necessary, providing your business with a unified workspace no matter where your employers are.

How an HTML5 RDP Gateway Works

How does it work, you may ask? Essentially, NetConnect takes the form of an HTML5 RDP gateway installed within the existing corporate environment. The gateway is responsible for securing and transforming all corporate server resources and putting them in a secure mobile environment where users can access them remotely. As a self-hosted solution, NetConnect allows administrators (read: you) to have full control over the remote access connections and corporate data. You can decide who can have remote access to your corporate resources, what data they see, download, edit and more.

On the other end, authorised users can remotely access assets in the secure mobile environment through an HTML5 compatible web browser or app. Because everything happens over the internet in any HTML5 browser, there is no need for users to install an HTML5 RDP client service on their personal devices. Third party applications aren’t necessary, either.

In fact, you don’t even need to worry about securing user devices in any way— a standard step for BYOD policies. By taking assets and moving them to a secure mobile environment, the HTML5 RDP gateway doesn’t allow the end-user device to connect directly to your network. Because there is no true connection, there is no opportunity for the transmission of viruses or malware. Furthermore, since by default all assets remain in the secure mobile environment—and not actually on the user’s device—your data remains protected as well.

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HTML5 remote desktop access technology is a compelling alternative to both virtual private networks and third-party web cloud file sharing and storage solutions. If you are interested in learning more about HTML5 remote access and how it works, feel free to enquire about it today, on +61 2 8424 7987.