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Federal organisations and their IT departments are faced with the ongoing challenge to support growing and moving workforces, and provision access to data between headquarters. Constantly being asked to do more with less, teams are left to stretch already notoriously tight budgets.

IT is under extreme pressure to secure information and control critical processes and data – with built in SSL tunnelling and encryption, NetConnect ensures sensitive data stays safe and protected behind the corporate firewall, with additional security measures such as device fingerprinting and two-factor authentications for tightened access control, removing the need for a potentially unsafe traditional VPN connection.

Anytime, anywhere access

NetConnect helps federal departments provide anytime, anywhere access to corporate data and applications, simultaneously solving access control dilemmas by helping IT personnel manage desktops centrally and effectively. Native integration with Active Directory and Multi Factor Authentication allows IT teams to provision, manage, and update Windows desktops and applications in minutes from a central location.

Business Benefits

Business Benefits

Some government agencies are not comfortable allowing staff to use their own personal desktop or device for work, concerned with heightened security issues such as data leakage and malware infection, as well as increased support costs and device responsibility. Prohibiting the provision of personal equipment unintentionally places a large dependency on physical machines in the office, as well as the support staff employed to manage them.NetConnect provides all of the resiliency, security, and operational advantages of a robust infrastructure solution, while removing dependencies on physical machines. It provides anytime, anywhere access to applications and data that reside not on individual devices, but rather in the corporate network, enhancing security and information availability.

  • Reduced IT CapEx and OpEx
  • Consolidate networking services and appliances to manage overhead
  • Improved flexibility to expand the business
  • Increased employee productivity, allowing staff to work from anywhere
Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

For agencies that do allow staff to use personal devices for teleworking, the NetConnect solution provides secure remote access on any device through an HTML5 web browser, with mulit-layered security measures such as native MFA and AD integration to address agency concerns around security, management, and liability.

  • Improved work/life balance
  • Flexibility with personal/family life
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Reduced or eliminated commute time and costs
  • Improved performance
Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Manufacturing digital hardware consumes a considerable amount of raw materials and energy. The short life span associated with this equipment coupled with dwindling natural resources and high volumes of heavy metals incorporated into their design, their potential impact on our environment is significant.

Extend the life cycle of existing hardware by converting legacy equipment into thin clients and reduce physical waste as well as lower the organisation’s overall carbon footprint;

  • Decreased fuel consumption
  • Decreased greenhouse gas emissions
  • Decreased traffic congestion
  • Decreased road maintenance costs
  • Lowering carbon footprint and energy costs by reducing employee commutes
Technical Considerations

Technical Considerations

Several technical considerations must be addressed in order to provide an optimal experience for government workers while ensuring the solution encompasses high-level security and control measures. These considerations include network bandwidth, end-user experience, security, and endpoint hardware

  • Protect mission-critical data by centralising desktop images and data, helping eliminate security breaches in case of device loss, or theft
  • Grant or deny access to devices using your native Microsoft Active Directory users and groups, for auditing and information control
  • Employ NetConnect as an additional safeguard behind your own secure firewall and isolate devices in the event of device corruption or a compromised network
  • Focus on managing data rather than the underlying device
  • Simple interface ensures higher likelihood of usage and acceptance
  • Reduce time and money spent on training

Many agency departments face challenges within IT security

Whether federal, state or local, all facets of government struggle with management of multiple devices, legacy system migrations, and data center consolidations. The ability to grant flexible, multi-level access to authorised personnel is critical in protecting confidential information and keeping sensitive government data secure.

NetConnect ensures staff, contractors and vendors have access to the information they need, simultaneously allowing IT to recover from disasters quickly, ensuring that desktops, applications and data are accessible prior to, during and after a disaster.


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