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The continuous expansion of cloud and mobility in our daily lives is gradually pushing organisations to enable cloud-based access to company data. More often than not, if external data access is difficult or not available at all, employees take matters into their own hands, often by signing up for individual consumer-grade cloud-based file storage providers.

As a result, overall data security is jeopardised and data administration becomes a nightmare.

NetConnect LYF resolves this problem by transforming your existing file storage into your own private cloud file sharing service – without requiring you to change your current infrastructure. Everything remains in place: your file servers, your infrastructure, your data! At Northbridge Secure we offer installation and 24/7 customer support for businesses that can benefit from this breakthrough in enterprise cloud file sharing.

Access Your Existing Files From Any Device Of Choice

How does it work compared to other cloud file sharing solutions?

Once the NetConnect LYF virtual server is installed and configured, users can simply access the internal company file server via the NetConnect LYF application.

Unlike solutions from cloud file sharing providers, NetConnect LYF is self-hosted and is available through a simple web browser, or via upcoming native iOS and Android mobile applications. With NetConnect LYF, users can enjoy seamless secure file access, allowing them to browse, preview, download, upload and edit their files from any device, anywhere*.

To keep things simple and secure, users connect using their Active Directory credentials and have access to the same files they can access in the office. Data permissions simply carry over from their existing profile.

NetConnect LYF acts as a virtualization layer between your existing file server and the Internet to ensure secure file access. It takes the form of a separate server installed in your network, alongside your file server which remains untouched.


NetConnect LYF is built on the powerful and secure NetConnect platform, purpose-built to enable and control secure remote access for any organisation.

Active Directory integration ensures secure file access by allowing only authorised users to access their files and folders. Permissions are simple to manage and adjust if necessary.

NetConnect LYF is rare among cloud file sharing solutions in that it is self-hosted and self-managed to ensure only you have control and access to your data. It is a separate secure server in your environment, acting as an air-gap to prevent direct access to your infrastructure from the Internet.

All communications via the NetConnect LYF server are highly encrypted (SHA-256 minimum) to ensure utmost security for your most important asset – data!



Browse, download, upload, preview and edit your files
from any device*.


Cloud-like file sharing solution with in-built security

With NetConnect LYF you not only enjoy total office mobility but receive complete network security via native Multi-Factor Authentication integration, role-based access control, and Active Directory integration.

NetConnect LYF comes standard with multi-layered security offering industry leading data encryption.



Whether you are in the office, on the road, at a customer site or working from home, access to your company information & files is critical to an efficient and modern workplace. Install NetConnect LYF on your local or cloud environment and your data is instantly mobile, in your pocket everywhere you go, with zero configuration downtime & complete security of your business environment.

No migration


Don’t risk losing control of your data, use NetConnect LYF to make it a secure mobile office.

The beauty of NetConnect LYF lies in its ability to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Avoid the complicated and unnecessary data migration required by cloud file sharing providers with NetConnect LYF. Transform your existing file servers into private cloud file storage without affecting any other components. Enable mobility for you and your team who need access, but leave your network untouched for all other users who don’t require secure mobile file access.

Clientless Access


No need for any complicated configuration of your device.

LYF transforms your entire data infrastructure into an HTML5-enabled remote access and private cloud storage solution, delivering the ability to preview (and in some cases edit) files within a web-browser. Embrace the file sharing and storage benefits of the cloud with a centrally managed solution, without needing to install any additional software on your device – simply open a web-browser and start working on your files!



Select the folders and files you want available externally, whilst the rest can remain securely hidden from mobile users.

Want to get technical?

The technical requirements for NetConnect LYF are as follows.

A virtual or cloud environment with enough capacity to install a virtual machine with the following access and specifications:

  • 2 CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 40GB HDD
  • Access to ports 80 & 443 (inbound and outbound)
  • A public IP address
  • A private IP address
  • Access to your public DNS records
  • Access to the server(s) running your fileshares

Cloud-like file sharing solution with in-built security




NetConnect LYF is NOT a cloud, subscription-based offering. It is a self-hosted solution – your data does NOT flow through your cloud file sharing provider’s third party data-centres to get to your users. Users connect directly to the NetConnect LYF appliance and authenticate against Active Directory. Multi-factor authentication integration is built-in for extra security and all communication in encrypted end to end.

Simple licensing – fixed cost per user (per month/year)

Easy to Install & Manage – virtual appliance included free of charge

Try it for yourself today – full featured free trial

NetConnect LYF is currently in Technical Preview

If you are interested in testing NetConnect LYF or would like to be kept updated as the product gets closer to General Availability, enter your details below and we’ll keep you posted!

Optimised Experience

Native apps available for iOS and Android

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*File editing only available on certain formats.

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