Remote Access in Healthcare

Customers and partners alike are bombed with software solutions that promise mobility – however, instantaneous mobility that comes without complex IT changes, are few and far between.

NetConnect offers the flexibility and versatility of a cloud solution, without making a single change to your data structure or IT environment. NetConnect transforms all your files and applications into a web page, providing instant accessibility at any time of day or night, all through a single web browser.

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How NetConnect Helps Practices and Hospitals

Enabling HIPAA compliance in the USA, satisfying Australian Privacy Act requirements, and adhering to the NHS and DPA in the United Kingdom, NetConnect ensures security of patient information will never be a concern again.

Is it a Cloud Service?

Is it a Cloud?

NO, NetConnect is not a cloud service – and we’re keeping it this way! Moving to the cloud doesn’t necessarily bring freedom, or deliver the privacy and security measures imperative to the healthcare industry.

Rather than linking data with a new cloud provider and migrating information to an unknown location, NetConnect provides a secure window back to your workspace so your data and patient information can remain safely within IT’s current network environment.

If you can access a web browser, you can access business critical applications and complete your work from anywhere, onsite or offsite.

  • Operates as a virtual desktop
  • No data migration
  • Retain ownership of your data and maintain full compliance
  • Cloud stability and reliability will always pose concerns
  • Never be stung by a cloud provider’s unpredictable usage costs
Data Storage

Data Storage

NetConnect does not replicate, migrate, back up or house information or patient data, so you can retain complete peace of mind knowing your data is protected in its current environment.

Data storage remains exactly as it currently stands for every practice and hospital, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a mobile solution, with none of the risk.

  • Data sovereignty: NetConnect doesn’t change the location of your data storage, nor does it move anywhere
  • A lot of trust is placed in the cloud provider when giving them your data
  • Where data is held and who can access it is an unknown
  • It is very difficult to maintain strong security of sensitive data in the cloud, not simply regarding the technical ability to implement security controls but also managing the practical aspects of security


Patient data security is paramount, which is why NetConnect has been designed first and foremost as a security gateway. Devices only ever connect via the NetConnect gateway, acting as an additional safeguard for your entire network.

Permission levels are set upfront by IT, and can be managed via MFA and Active Directory logons. These can be dictated at a user level to make sure every employee has access to the features they need to carry out their job effectively.

Travelling physicians and relief staff aren’t forgotten, either. Because NetConnect only ever provides a visual representation of your applications, files, and desktop environments, data remains safely in the IT network and never leaves the server. Once the shift is over, an employee can leave the device as is, IT and management safe in the knowledge that no data has left the secure premise of the organisation.

  • Allow BYOD for visiting medical officers, while maintaining full control of your environment
  • Consultants, specialists, and vendors can log in to the hospital network, without extracting any data
  • Enhance the mobility and productivity of shift and remote workers.
  • Last minute access for relief staff is instantaneous
  • Integrates with most multi-factor authentication solutions, allowing additional levels of security as required
Files & Applications

Files & Applications

Use of most medical software solutions (Best Practice, Genie, and Medical Director, to name a few) are limited to the Mac or Windows desktop computers the application is installed on, making offsite tasks difficult to execute and limiting the flexibility of completing your after-hours paperwork.

For practitioners on the move or looking to continue their work outside the four walls of the office, simply download the iOS and Android applications to a tablet or smartphone and continue working as you would usually, enjoying the same desktop experience on a different device.

  • Improve practice agility, flexibility, and workflows
  • Access fixed desktop applications from any where, on any device
  • Simple access to health records, without storing copies to the device
  • Share files with colleagues, just as you would in the office
User Experience

User Experience

With a clean and responsive design paired with an icon driven interface, NetConnect mimics your desktop environment, completely eliminating the need for user training. Navigation and user controls are intuitive and stay true to the device in question; providing a seamless experience when swiping to scroll, pinching to zoom, and tapping to click.

The interface remains the same across all devices, ensuring the switch between devices is extremely easy, allowing users to work in whichever way is most convenient to them.

Spend less time sitting at your desk completing paperwork, and more time focusing on what’s most important – your patients.

  • Applications look and feel the same – iOS, Android, Windows, and MAC
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Intuitive navigation means staff will be power users in no time at all

Easy Access

More powerful than other remote access solutions and VPNs, users can select their device of choice and start working without having to install or configure any client. And, unlike other remote access solutions requiring organisations to change their patient management system, NetConnect can get everyone mobile in a matter of hours, keeping your existing environment in place.

Fitting right into an existing hospital or medical practice ecosystem straight out of the box, NetConnect grows with you and is flexible to suit your requirements. Quick to deploy, easy to configure, and tailored to individual needs, NetConnect is ready and waiting to improve efficiency and workflows in your practice.

Case Study

Doctors at Moores Road Medical required access to their medical practice software and patient files when outside of the practice, from their mobile device, independent of the cloud provider selected…

Torn between increasing regulations and growing demand for mobility & flexible working policies, healthcare organizations are facing evolving challenges to provide modern technology services to patients & staff.


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