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Securing data in legal practices

Legal practitioners are one of the most mobile user bases, travelling between courts, offices, client locations and home. Gaining remote access to emails, court documents, contracts and wills while on the move is imperative, but accessing these files in a secure manner is crucial in avoiding a potential security breach.

Remote access is no longer tied to a VPN desktop connection at home. NetConnect enables anywhere access to data and business critical applications, on any device. Real-time access to the corporate network via a web-reverse proxy allows practitioners to remain agile while reducing the desire to carry and move data outside the network to an unsecure location.

Shadow IT

Shadow IT

Ease of access, ease of maintenance, free or low cost, and quick deployment are all characteristics of Shadow IT, a serious concern that plagues IT departments across the legal industry.

Often used to describe hardware or software that is being used without organisational approval, Shadow IT generally denotes technology that has been exercised as a result of an employee’s desire for immediate access to internal information.

DropBox, Google Drive, Skype, USB sticks, and external hard drives are all examples of technologies that introduce security risks to a network, from employees who simply want to do their job. With NetConnect, you can give them the freedom to do so from any device, without compromising company security, compliance or liability.



NetConnect does not replicate, migrate, back up or house information or patient data, so you can retain complete peace of mind knowing your data is protected in its current environment.

Data storage remains exactly as it currently stands for every practice and hospital, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a mobile solution, with none of the risk.

Road Warriors

Road Warriors

Non-traditional working hours accompanied with multiple working locations are becoming the norm, not least in the legal profession. Technology enables staff to break free from the shackles of the desk and the four walls of the office, but there are many legacy programs and hardware that makes it difficult to be as productive on the road as when in the office.Business critical applications like EsiLaw, Time Matters, and Needles are just a few legal programs that are limited to the Mac or Windows desktop they are installed on, causing headaches for those trying to work from the courtroom on a mobile device.

NetConnect bridges this gap by transforming the entire IT environment to an easily accessible network, available via web browser, iOS and Android application. Legacy applications and programs that don’t support mobile device usage are made instantly available, so users can continue working as they would with the same desktop experience, just on a different device.

Improving attorney flexibility and agility with quick and easy access back to the office to retrieve the last minute file is finally achievable. Permission levels can be set upfront at the user level by IT, and can be managed via 2FA and Active Directory logons to ensure confidentiality remains only between those involved.

Time is Money

Time is Money

In order to minimise downtime and maximise billable hours, NetConnect offers both iOS and Android applications for tablets and smartphones, with accessibility via any web browser wherever there is an internet connection.Integrating with third-party systems is effortless with NetConnect, allowing you to access any applications without interrupting your workflow, on any device. Start work on a desktop computer in the office, transfer to a laptop in the taxi, complete on your tablet in the courtroom and cut down on wasted time and money spent commuting.

The easy-to-navigate user interface removes all end-user complexities, so there is no training required. Applications look and feel the same across iOS, Android, Windows and Mac – and with the same desktop experience staff are used to, everyone will be a power user in no time at all.

Law firms are a target because of the sensitive information they possess

Solo practitioners, lawyers, paralegals, attorneys and firms of all sizes can be victims of data breaches, whether caused by an external hack, a flaw in your own IT system or a small unintentional mistake made by an employee – a lost laptop, or even clicking a link within a social media site.

If not properly secured, the device will deliver that malware directly to the network. NetConnect saves your team valuable time, and protects the network safely behind the NetConnect gateway. Should something happen to the device, IT can simply lock access and isolate the incident, helping law firms better serve their clients, manage their operations, and maximise their profitability.

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