Compliance Simplified

Data Breaches are no joke – aside from the obvious loss of important data, the penalties from Data Breach laws and regulations can be staggering.

NetConnect can help your business comply with the relevant Data Breach laws by securing your data whilst making it more accessible to those who need it most.

How NetConnect Helps With Data Breach Law Compliance

Whether it’s the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), MDBN (Mandatory Data Breach Notification) or SBN (Security Breach Notification) or other similar laws and regulations, NetConnect can assist with safeguarding corporate data and resources whilst controlling access – helping you tick the compliance box. 

Minimise the number of data repositories

Minimise the number of Data repositories

Reducing the number of places where your data is stored naturally minimises the potential for inadvertent data breaches.

The most obvious reason to reduce the number of data repositories is that protecting a few locations is easier than protecting many. This means identifying and reviewing locations where your data may be currently residing.

Where is it, who has access to it, what are the actual geographic locations of the data repositories, is it in a physical or virtual environment, is the interaction with data tracked, how many different data types are there, where does the data get transmitted? These are just some of the questions you may want to ask yourself when it comes to your data.

However to truly help reduce the cause of multiple data locations it is important to understand why companies end up with data in places where it shouldn’t be in the first place.

We believe that the number one reason that data ends up in territories beyond the companies’ control is lack of easy access to the data by those that need it to complete their daily duties.

For instance, if a user needs to access certain confidential customer data remotely, unless there is a simple solution provided by the business for them to do so they may resort to simply uploading the data to a consumer grade cloud party in order to access their data from anywhere. This presents a major issue right away as the loss over the control of that data and access to it is instantly relieved from the company to the low-security free cloud storage solution provider. The business now has lost control over the data and no longer has power over who can access and process it. That data may now end up being stored not only on the consumer grade cloud storage service infrastructure but now also on various devices owned by the end user.

NetConnect’s approach to this issue is one of availability. With NetConnect users can access their data on-the-go from any device anywhere without exposing your data to any third party providers and also without storing that data on any end-device. That means you remain in control of your business data and you get to decide who can access and process your data. By making user experience a top priority in NetConnect, we aim to reduce the potential for users to utilise low-security third party consumer grade cloud storage or other means to share or access corporate data.

  • You retain ownership of your data and maintain full compliance
  • You reduce the potential for data breaches by safeguarding fewer data repository locations
  • Data is never stored on end-user devices
Safeguard Data with Adequate Security

Safeguard Data by Leveraging Encryption and Key Management

Your data security is paramount, which is why NetConnect has been designed first and foremost as a security gateway. Devices only ever connect via the NetConnect gateway, acting as an additional safeguard for your entire network.

Data transmission via NetConnect is always protected with high-level SSL encryption which is an essential way to establish data confidentiality and integrity.

Guest and visitor access can be provided in minutes and with complete confidence over your data integrity. Data is never stored on any end-user device and you manage access wholly.

Travelling staff and remote workers aren’t forgotten, either. Because NetConnect only ever provides a visual representation of your applications, files, and desktop environments (not to mention that it’s all done over SSL encrypted tunnels), data remains safely in the IT network and never leaves the server. Once the shift is over, an employee can leave the device as is, IT and management safe in the knowledge that no data has left the secure premise of the organisation.

  • Allow BYOD for visitors, while maintaining full control of your environment
  • Consultants, specialists, and vendors can log in to your network, without extracting any data
  • Enhance the mobility and productivity of shift and remote workers without compromising security
Control and Track Access

Control and Track Access

Let’s face it – people are most often the weakest point in any security strategy. So ensuring that your business has robust Access Control and Tracking measures in place is paramount in mitigating this risk.

Seamless integration with most popular multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions means that you can truly safeguard your data from unauthorised access.

Permission levels are set upfront by IT, and can be managed via Active Directory and any number of MFA stages. These can be dictated at a user level to make sure every employee has access to the features they need to carry out their job effectively once they have confirmed access via multi-factor authentication.

NetConnect offers not only easy integration with MFA solutions but also granular reporting over data access. Auditing anomalies is no longer a painstaking process – with NetConnect you can easily review the interactions between users, data and resources.

  • Reduce the potential of data breaches with multi-factor authentication
  • A multi-staged, chained approach to access
  • Review and audit data access anomalies with ease

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