Enterprise File Sharing

Emphasise Enterprise File Sharing and Security Platform (EFSS) With A Smarter File Sharing Solution

What does your business currently have in place for enterprise file sharing and security (also known as enterprise file sync and share, or EFSS)? The answer to this question varies dramatically from one business enterprise to the next. Some companies use services such as Dropbox or WeTransfer, uploading one file at a time depending on what needs sharing for any given project or purpose. Others maintain cloud based servers, uploading all their critical files to the internet. VPNs (virtual private networks) are also still a standard solution.

All these enterprise file sharing services have their pros and cons. Dropbox and WeTransfer are secure ways to share files but can be cumbersome for sharing entire databases of documents and data. Third party cloud services vary in reliability and security while VPNs are clunky bandwidth hogs that aren’t always easy to use. Worse, VPNs usually connect the end user and their device directly with the corporate network, which can be a big problem if the user device is infected with any malware.

Searching for a Different Enterprise File Synchronisation and Sharing Platform?

Perhaps your business has been taking a ‘tour’ of sorts through all the various enterprise file-sharing services, or maybe you are shopping for a file sync and share service for the first time and want to make sure you choose something that meets your business’s needs. In any case, you are probably in the market for a software solution that is easy to use and secure enough to protect your network and your data.

Under these benchmarks, it would be tough to find a better EFSS solution than NetConnect.

What makes NetConnect different to other enterprise file sharing services?

NetConnect is not a VPN, nor is it a cloud based storage solution. Instead, NetConnect takes your existing file servers and transforms them into cloud-like storage. Using an HTML5 RDP (remote desktop protocol) system, NetConnect enables users to access the documents on your server via HTML5 compatible web browsers or applications.

For a several reasons, this platform is ideal for enterprise file syncing and sharing. First of all, NetConnect lets you control which users are allowed to access your company data and what data those users get to see. The simplicity and ingenuity of this system can’t be rivalled by any VPN or cloud file sharing solution on the market.

Secondly, NetConnect is simply more secure as a file sync and share solution. The software uses an HTML5 gateway to retrieve files from the server and put them in a safe mobile environment. This environment acts as something of an air gap between the end-user and your network, providing secure file access. The user is never actually directly connected to the network, so there is no risk of infection if that user’s device is carrying viruses or malware. The files also never leave the mobile environment without permission, which means they are not stored on the user’s device by default. In other words, you give users the ability to access critical resources—and from any device and location, for that matter—but you don’t sacrifice the security of those resources.

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