Windows File Server

Windows file server solutions from Northbridge Secure

Northbridge Secure is your reliable solution provider for all your data sharing and remote access needs. We pride ourselves on a young and dynamic team of IT gurus and solution finders, ever ready to take on any project you may have. When it comes to sharing files and data online, there are different options we suggest for businesses, and one of them includes the use of windows file server. This method of sharing is particularly ideal for users who need to share large folders or entire disk volumes. Depending on your business needs, there are usually two options for you to pick from; you can opt for shared folder permissions or NFTS permissions. The former grants permission to control access to a specific folder or disk, while the latter controls access to multiple folders, disk in both remote and physical environments.

With windows file server, various end users can share stored files from a shared gateway regardless of their location. Think of items such as documents, videos, photographs and other images, movies, databases, and such. Our solutions help develop a safe and secure network where all data can be shared with ease, conveniently. We always consider factors such as the security of data and its recoverability, access speed, storage space needs, and even your budget, before recommending the best way forward. You can never go wrong with us; get in touch today for free consultations and advice. We assure you of file sharing solutions that are safe and secure, tailored to suit your business needs.