VPN Replacement

Northbridge Secure Offers a VPN Replacement

A virtual private network or VPN is a type of remote access method from one computer to another. Private users tend to use VPNs to remain anonymous online. Whether the intent is just privacy or the flipside of conducting illegal/unethical activities online, a VPN lets a person navigate the internet without being “seen” by their ISP, meaning user data cannot be collected. In this age of digital privacy concerns, many people have elected to use VPNs because they feel tech giants do not need to know their (legitimate) browsing habits. Some people utilize a VPN because they fear they are being “spied on”. Business use VPNs to secure their web traffic, especially during remote access of corporate systems.

While a VPN has traditionally required a client or specific software and network configuration, Northbridge offers VPN replacements that do not utilise these potentially problematic elements. Our NetConnect is a remote access solution that is incredibly simple to implement but entirely secure as it uses leading industrial protocols. It allows a person to access corporate data on any device from anywhere in the world. The user interface is so friendly that even the least tech-savvy of employees can use it with ease. Link Your Files (LYF), another one of our solutions, offers secure file access through an HTML-based interface. While employees can access data, it will never be stored on an end user’s device without permission which reduces the risk of malware and data-loss, another security measure. No matter the size of your business or your industry, we can find the perfect VPN replacement for you.