SSL VPN Client

Modern Alternatives to SSL VPN Client

Before discussing Northbridge Secure’s alternatives to older technologies, it is important to understand these systems. A secure socket layer virtual private network (SSL VPN) gives remote users access to internal (corporate) networks. This also means users have access to business programs/applications and data. The VPN provides a secure connection for this data when it is sent between two devices such as a business computer at an office and the mobile device of an employee working remotely. This data is encrypted by the SSL or the technology which succeeded it, the Transport Layer Security (TLS).

An SSL VPN requires a client and configuration to enable secure remote access. This can be a headache, if not a nightmare, for some companies. This is where we set ourselves apart with our simple yet secure mobile office solutions. Whether it be NetConnect or Link Your Files (LYF), we can customize an ideal solution for any business of any size for a mobile office. If you want to give your employees a new way of working, NetConnect turns a business network into a global workplace. Unlike older SSL VPN systems, this option does not require a client or any configuration. The user interface is so basic that even technophobes will be able to access work data from any mobile device. LYF provides a similar service through its HTML-based application. Both these secure remote options give authorized users complete access to company data, that data never migrates to an end-user device without permission thus substantially reducing the risk of malware. If you need a modern solution to a legacy SSL VPN, contact us today to get started.