Secure Remote Desktop

Redefine Your Office Environment with Secure Remote Desktop Access Solutions

If your business is like many others, a significant percentage of your monthly/annual overhead expenses goes to running and maintaining an office environment. On the one hand, you must pay to rent office space. On the other hand, you need to make sure each employee has a workspace. In most offices, that means issuing a laptop or desktop computer—if not both—and having an IT team on hand to manage any technological snafus. But what if you could redefine your entire office environment—and trim overhead costs—with a secure remote desktop system?

How Secure Remote Access Solutions Can Save Your Business Money and Logistical Hurdles

At Northbridge Secure, we firmly believe that secure remote access is the future of business technology. This concept essentially enables businesses to become less reliant on laptop and desktop computers. In doing so, it has the potential to bring drastic reductions in overhead costs.

With NetConnect, users can combine their mobile and desktop environments seamlessly. The system even allows users to access their mobile and desktop environment simultaneously, via a Unified Workspace from their smartphone. This type of secure access has several benefits, both for the end users and the business in general. On the user side, the experience is second to none. Users can access all company resources and applications via their smartphones or tablets, making it possible to work anywhere or across numerous devices at once. The business, meanwhile, saves on operating expenses because it no longer needs to issue each employee with a laptop, a desktop, and a desk phone. Instead, users can do everything from their own devices. They can even use a single device for all their work needs—terrific for telecommuters or employees working out in the field.

Imagine an office where you don’t need to have individual computers for each employee. Depending on the size of your business, this tweak can save vast amounts of money. With the speed at which technology is currently evolving, businesses like yours are finding the need to trade out entire fleets of computer machines every few years. With a secure remote access solution, you let users do their work on their own devices, freeing up working capital for other expenses.

A secure remote desktop system might even enable you to scale down your physical office space by adopting a more remote workforce. Office space is expensive, especially in big city areas. With all the things that modern technology can do, it doesn’t always make sense to have a central office where everyone works all the time. Embracing remote access can give your employees extra freedom and flexibility, expand your candidate pool for new jobs and make your business agile for the modern age.

With NetConnect, Have No Fear about Security

At Northbridge Secure, security is built right into our company DNA. You can trust that we have taken remote desktop security very seriously with our NetConnect system. The secure remote desktop client allows you to retain complete control over who has access to your company resources, what data they can access and whether that data can leave the network. Furthermore, by default no data is ever stored on user devices, which drastically reduces the likelihood of key assets falling into the wrong hands.

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