Secure RDP

Remote Desktop Protocol? VPN? Choosing the Right Security and the Right Remote Access Client for Your Business

Does your business have telecommuters or employees who work from home? Do you have satellite offices that need access to your company network and business-critical applications? Do your employees frequently work in the field or go out on business trips?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you probably need a remote access client that can give users access to key company resources when they aren’t in the office. The question is, which solution is right? A remote desktop protocol (RDP)? A virtual private network (VPN)? Some mix of both? With NetConnect, Northbridge Secure has the answer you have been seeking.

NetConnect: A Powerful RDP VPN Replacement

NetConnect is a remote access client that provides remote desktop access without a VPN. It is an RDP VPN replacement that will allow your users to access the company network and the resources therein in a secure, efficient manner.

The idea behind a virtual private network is a good one. It allows users to gain remote access to a network in an encrypted environment. However, there are problems with the traditional VPN setup. First, when using a VPN, the files that a user accesses on the company network are temporarily transferred to their computer or device. In other words, your company assets are leaving the company network, which can be nerve-wracking for more sensitive documents. Secondly, VPNs use a considerable amount of bandwidth, to the point where they frequently disconnect or run into other technical difficulties. In short, traditional VPN solutions are clunky, insecure, and annoying for users. The concept is good, but the execution leaves something to be desired.

With NetConnect, Northbridge Secure wanted to create a better means of connecting to business networks remotely. We started with an RDP client. Remote desktop protocol has a reputation for being easier to use than VPN. Unfortunately, RDP is also often thought of as being less secure than VPN. As such, we had to focus on RDP security when developing NetConnect.

NetConnect uses secure RDP technology to create desktop connections via any HTML5 browser, as well as through native Android or iOS apps. The HTML RDP setup is crucial because it means that no third-party client software is necessary to use NetConnect. You don’t need any special ‘RDP client’ to use the system.

How NetConnect Secures Your Company Data

RDP security should be a priority for your company if you are considering NetConnect (or other comparable systems) to replace your existing VPN. The good news is that, with NetConnect, you not only get a secure RDP system, but you get something more secure than any VPN you’ve ever used.

When a user connects to your company network via NetConnect, that user’s device—be it a desktop computer or a smartphone—is never directly connected to any of your company resources. NetConnect serves as a sort of ‘air gap’ between corporate resources and the end-user device. As a result, it is not possible for malware to travel from the end-user device to the corporate network. All corporate resources and applications remain safe, while still allowing the user to do what they need to do on the corporate network.

Is your business ready to try an RDP VPN replacement? NetConnect is the right fix. Call +61 2 8424 7987 to get started today.