Secure File Sharing

Looking for a Secure Remote File Server Access and File Sharing Solution? Count on NetConnect

The advent of cloud technology was a significant boon for businesses. Suddenly, companies didn’t have to rely on their on-prem file servers anymore. Instead, remote file access was possible from anywhere. If an employee had access to the internet, they could access files and other corporate resources. Quickly, the cloud made everything from business travel to working from home considerably easier.

Unfortunately, just as quickly as the cloud came to play an essential role in business, cybercriminals found ways to target it. There has been a considerable increase in data breaches all around the globe over the past few years. Not all those breaches are the fault of cloud technology, but some of them are. Now, new government regulations are coming into focus around the world, with the goal of protecting data integrity and preventing user data breaches.

In this landscape, businesses can no longer place their trust in third party cloud data storage providers. While some of these services are trustworthy, others lack the kind of protection you need for sensitive data protection. Either way, the fact is that businesses can be held directly liable for any data breaches. Even if a cloud storage provider compromises your data through their negligence, your company will be held responsible for any fallout.

Ensuring Secure File Sharing without the Cloud

So, what’s next? It’s easy to look at the explosion of hacks and data breaches and see it as the end of remote file access. In the future, your employees will just need to come into the office to access files, applications and other resources stored on the server. No big deal, right?

Except it is a big deal. Technology has changed the way that people think about work, to the point where the traditional concept of the office is slowly going in the direction of the dinosaurs. Your employees want to be able to work from home. They want the option to work remotely. They want to work for a company that supports telecommuting. They want the option of file server access when they are on a business trip and suddenly realise that they forgot to print off an important document.

The good news is that it is indeed possible to ensure secure file sharing without the cloud. At Northbridge Secure Systems, we are dedicated to offering better remote file access systems. Indeed, our motto as a company is that ‘Work is an activity, not a place.’ Our job is to develop solutions that make that mantra possible for enterprises throughout Australia and around the world.

Introducing NetConnect

Right now, NetConnect is one of the most excellent file server access programs available. Our software essentially takes your servers and turns them into something resembling the cloud. Users can access the servers from anywhere, using any device. The catch is that you get to control exactly which users access the server and what data they see. Furthermore, there is no actual direct connection between your network and the end user device. No information is ever stored on the end user device, without permission either. These factors protect your network and your assets from hacks, malware, and other threats.

Don’t risk the liability problems that cloud storage can bring. Instead, make NetConnect your secure file sharing solution. Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.