Secure File Server

Northridge Offers You Reliable Secure File Server Solutions

A secure file server and seamless multi-device secure access to the data is the best way to protect your files and intellectual property. Secure remote file access is especially important in instances where multiple users are sharing and accessing data. When a file server is insecure, it endangers not just the data being shared by users, but also the entire corporate network; a malicious entity can easily use an insecure server to penetrate the rest of the network and even the devices of end users.

Northbridge Secure will help you protect your servers from internal and external threats. The protection is offered in two ways. Firstly, the use of secure remote access to user workstations means that admins can have more control over their data sharing systems. By utilising our NetConnect and LYF (Link Your Files) products you essentially create an air-gap between the end
user devices and the corporate servers whilst turning your existing file servers into secure cloud-like storage. Secondly, by allowing employees access the shared file server using any device, whilst providing a consistent user experience, you reduce the likelihood of users resorting to rogue third
party cloud file storage services to store company data. All in all, secure remote sharing of data helps reduce chances of external intrusions into your file server.

Furthermore, NetConnect and LYF will help you keep track of all the activities on the server. Having a secure file server starts with you keeping close track of all the activities so that you’re able to point out abnormalities quickly. We help you keep track by providing you with audit trails and reports. With this information you’ll be able to have a detailed view of how your users interact with files. Just get in touch with us today; we’ll take you through everything you need to know about securing your file servers. When it comes to Remote Secure File Server Access and File-sharing solutions for your
existing File Server infrastructure there’s no one better than Northbridge Secure.