Secure Document Sharing

Northbridge Offers Secure Corporate Document and Enterprise File Sharing Solutions

When it comes to running a business today, we see work as an activity rather than a place. With that philosophy in mind, we believe that work should have the option of being performed from anywhere in the world and from any device. Therefore, a secure mobile environment (SME) is at the core of our business solutions; providing remote access to corporate data. No matter how far away your employees are from the office, we can create solutions to generate communication and collaboration across any distance with secure document sharing.

Northbridge Offers a New Take on Secure Enterprise File Sharing

As more people are working remotely and mobile devices become more powerful, a person can perform their job from nearly any device and location. We offer secure, simple, yet powerful remote access solutions for businesses of any size to create new ways of working. Your employees can use the device of their choice as our services interface with all major operating systems including Windows, Mas OS, iOS, and Android. Benefits for management are cost-effectiveness and easy setup. Employee benefits are an easy to use and intuitive interface. Our services turn your business systems into mobile offices which provide flexible solutions for employees in the field, on the road and working from home. Do not think that remote means inefficient as we can connect your office even if your staff is scattered throughout the world.

Unique Solutions for Corporate File Sharing

For businesses looking for secure document sharing solutions, our NetConnect and Link Your Files (LYF) products will fit your needs. NetConnect makes it possible for you and your employees to work from nearly anywhere using your device of choice. This can be a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone. Since NetConnect works with all modern operating systems, all office data and applications are available on the go. This service turns any live network into a remote office. NetConnect is very easy to set up and does not require any potentially problematic configuration, it is also protected by leading security protocols. Users can access data and programs/applications 24 hours a day by using the intuitive and user-friendly interface. Since no data is stored on a user’s device without your permission, the chance of malware spreading across a network is significantly reduced.

LYF offers a comprehensive solution for employees who need to access business data on the mobile device of their choice. It’s a web-based application which uses a business network to grant access to corporate data. You can access this data remotely from any mobile device and application. LYF does not require the migration of data which keeps data safely in one place but still completely accessible. A user can work with data in any way to suit their needs and perform their job, but the data is never stored on a mobile device without your permission.

These solutions provide great convenience and flexibility for enterprise file sharing while keeping critical data safely in one place. By data never migrating to user devices, the risk of malware is significantly reduced as is the possibility of prying eyes seeing proprietary information. If you are ready to connect and mobilise your workplace at the same time, contact us for a customised corporate file sharing solution.