Secure Business File Sharing

Secure File Sharing for Business with Northbridge Secure

Secure file sharing for business solutions are more prevalent today than at any other time in history! The need to share files between different end users is real; but so is the risk of data loss or theft. To balance these two, you’ll need the services of a professional and experienced IT solutions provider such as Northbridge Secure. With experience spanning around 20 years, we are your best bet for creative solutions to all your file sharing needs. One of our most common solutions is the enabling of businesses for secure remote desktop access. Other solutions include secure file sharing for businesses, especially for businesses with many employees. With our solutions, users can share and exchange files without having to directly connect to your business network. All of our secure remote access and file sharing solutions can be customised and integrated together, so that end users using Smartphones and other handheld devices are able to gain access to files and applications just like one using a PC or laptop. This flexibility offers your business unlimited control over data security and file sharing.

Secure file sharing for businesses is rife with risks; data loss and theft, breach of privacy and confidentiality, etcetera. Thus, any file sharing solution is only as good as it’s safe and secure. We understand this only too well. Talk to us today, and we’ll be pleased to arrange a free appointment where we can discuss your options.