Remote Desktop App

Northbridge Secure Offering You Remote Desktop Android and iOS Access

Did you know that you can access your workstation at home or office using a handheld device such as an Android or iOS phone? Better still, access the data therein without having to rely on a cloud service? Sure, this may sound a bit new to most people; but the truth of the matter is that remote desktop access using handheld devices is a reality! Northbridge Secure is a leading IT solutions provider based in Sydney; we offer businesses and individuals solutions relating to access on their workstations while on the move. Our remote desktop access app can be used by anyone to securely access physical or virtual desktops and files. Mobile remote desktop and file access is one of the upcoming trends in most businesses, especially when employees need to enter or share data while in the field or on the move.

Why should you try Northbridge Secure for your remote desktop iOS or Android solutions?

As an IT company that boasts of over 20 years’ experience in the market, we have the technical knowhow, creativity, and ability to design the perfect solutions for all scenarios. We are the real pros when it comes to securing corporate data while also enabling different users to share it without compromising security. As companies embrace the so-called ‘deskless offices’ philosophy, we’re seeing more and more employees relying on their iOS and Android devices for work. This convenience and freedom to connect with the office or home desktop is a trend business will have to embrace sooner or later. We can help you design a safe and secure virtual gateway that connects all end users regardless of whether one is using a PC, MAC, iOS or an Android device.

Over the years that we’ve been offering our services to businesses around the world we’ve learned that most people tend to assume IT matters are complicated and hard. But this is not always the case; businesses that have embraced IT solutions always have the edge over their competitors. The future of the global economy is getting more intertwined with IT solutions. Thus, you’re always welcome to speak to us and discuss how we can help move your business forward.

The moment your employees or business partners can enter and reconcile data using their handheld devices, you’ll realise things move faster. An employee doesn’t have to wait all weekend to report to the office on Monday and enter all data; they can do so at the point of data collection or even over the weekend if they desire, from the convenience of their homes; as long as their Android and iOS devices are virtually connected to the main desktop. This can all be achieved via a self-hosted or cloud-hosted solution that our technicians are always glad to explain it all to you in language that you can understand.

Traditional VPN solutions are harder to integrate with Android systems and connect end user devices directly to the corporate network, prompting security concerns. We promise you a newer, more innovative solution that is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, no data is stored on or transferred from the end user’s devices without permission, and as such, the threat of malware or other attacks are significantly reduced.

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