Remote Desktop Access

Give Your Employees Remote Desktop Access with the NetConnect Connection Manager Application

How does the modern office operate? Even though most of us carry extremely powerful computers in our pockets—in the form of smartphones—many offices have yet to embrace a mobile environment. That trend is swiftly changing. The demand among employees for flexible hours, work from home opportunities, telecommuting, and general remote access availability is growing. The next generation of job applicants is sure to view these things as high priorities, and it’s up to companies to embrace the remote desktop access revolution.

Stuck in the Past

The mobile revolution isn’t a new thing. Ever since Apple unveiled the first iPhone in 2007, we have been creeping steadily towards a future where mobile supplants desktop. In some ways, that future is already here. In November 2016, mobile devices—including smartphones and tablets—accounted for a larger percentage of web usage than desktop devices for the first time. There is no going back.

Still, for work, most of us rely mainly on laptop and desktop computers. There are usability reasons for this fact. Simply put, some actions are much easier to accomplish with a mouse, a full keyboard, and a large screen than with the more limited interfaces of mobile devices—smartphones especially. Another reason is that mobile has not really penetrated the workplace yet, since most offices are built around desktop environments—either physical or virtual. Only the computers hooked up to this environment can access company servers and resources. There is no remote desktop connection manager that allows mobile users to access and use these resources without complicated steps and workarounds, not to mention lack-lustre user-experience.

Businesses have their reasons for putting off their adoption of mobile devices. While some companies have embraced policies such as BYOD (bring your own device), or have even issued workers with company tablets or smartphones to allow mobile remote desktop access, others shy away from these options due to security concerns. What happens if an employee loses a smartphone loaded with company data, or connected to business servers?

NetConnect: A More Secure Remote Desktop Client

With NetConnect, it’s possible to adopt remote desktop software and embrace mobility without also welcoming in the security issues that come with it. Our software provides businesses and their users with secure remote access to virtual and physical desktop environments alike. The setup process is incredibly simple, and your employees can enjoy remote access to critical business applications and resources from anywhere in the world. If your business has been looking for a way to allow for telecommuting and work from home opportunities, NetConnect is it.

How does our remote desktop connection manager ensure security? Essentially, NetConnect gives you full control over who accesses your network and what data they can see. While the user can view and use company resources via their mobile devices, that information never leaves the network.

Desktop environments are still feasible for many businesses, but systems that don’t allow for mobile access are rapidly becoming obsolete. Keep your business up to date with NetConnect’s remote desktop application. Call us on +61 2 8424 7987 to get in touch today.