Remote Access

Get the Benefits of Using Remote Network Access Software Solutions for Your Business without Using the Cloud

Does your business have servers that it uses to run critical applications and store essential company resources? For years, these servers have acted as something of an anchor for businesses. On the one hand, they are necessary. It is essential to have a network hub where employees can access documents and programs that are vital to their work. On the other hand, they make it very difficult for anyone to get any work done if they aren’t in the office.

Embracing Remote Network Access with NetConnect

More and more businesses are embracing the concept of remote access to eliminate some of the drawbacks of using a company server. Some businesses are trading their on-premise servers for cloud storage options. By having everything in the cloud, remote connection is easy. Users can link up with the cloud from anywhere. So long as a user has an Internet-enabled device, they are good to go.

For some businesses, though, the cloud presents an unknown frontier. If you aren’t comfortable putting all your files and resources in the cloud but want to enjoy the benefits of remote access, the good news is that there are other options. NetConnect, for instance, is remote access software designed for companies with both physical and virtual desktop systems.

NetConnect allows you to turn your existing file servers into cloud-like storage for your users. The key difference is that your files won’t be stored in the cloud. Instead, the data will remain on your servers. NetConnect simply forges a remote connection between your network and the end-user device. The user can then access files from their own computer or mobile device from afar.

Using a system like NetConnect will allow your business to enjoy the benefits that remote access solutions can provide. Working remotely will be easier. You can reduce your reliance on a central office and allow employees to work from home or do their jobs from different cities or parts of the country. Employees can access key documents and resources when they are travelling for business. Users can do their work via their own devices, which saves your company money on technology expenses. The list goes on and on.

Best of all, NetConnect provides secure remote network access. Users can access files via your network, but NetConnect is designed in such a way that the end-user device is never actually directly connected to the network itself. This factor protects your corporate resources from any malware that might exist on the end-user device. Furthermore, as an administrator, you will enjoy full control over what users can access, whether they can download data onto their own devices and more.

Skip the Cloud Solution and Try NetConnect Instead

The cloud is a wonderful thing for a lot of applications, but if you are worried about the security of cloud storage solutions, try NetConnect instead. By providing a secure way for users to get remote connections to your network, you can make files and other company resources accessible while keeping everything on a secure file server.

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