Remote Access VPN

Excellent Remote Desktop Access and Connection Through VPN Solutions from Northbridge Secure

We’re indeed living in changing times where companies and employees have to adapt to new ways of doing business constantly. Remote access VPN solutions are the typical remedy for business people who are always moving around and working at the same time. They enable you to access your home or office desktop by directly connecting to the network; which poses a real threat to your data. Unlike traditional VPNs, NetConnect by Northbridge Secure offers you quick, safe, and affordable solutions for all your remote desktop connection needs without the security implications. With over 20 years’ experience and up to 40,000 end users around the world, we can guarantee you that we have total confidence in our IT-driven solutions.

Why Northbridge Secure offers you superb remote desktop connection solution over traditional VPN

  • We offer you user friendly and easy to use solutions that will enhance the productivity of the entire mobile workforce. Regardless of what gadget or device one is using to access the system, we ensure that the user-experience is consistent.
  • One of the biggest threats of remote access to your desktop is the loss or theft of your data. To counter this, we have designed a system that is not just safe and secure, but is also up to the global market standards regarding data protection. You can rest assured that all the company data is under your complete control.
  • With our solution, you do not need to move any data when offering users remote desktop connections. Furthermore, no data is ever transferred without permission to the end user’s devices in order for them to access their corporate resources, applications or files. Our gateway, which can be self-hosted, enables all users to securely access data regardless of their location or movements. Thus, employees attending a seminar for instance, can very well enter or reconcile data as if they were using their office workstation.
  • As mentioned above, our solutions are highly customisable and compatible with different end-user devices. These include PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, Android and iOS devices, all without any risk of data loss or tampering. This flexibility offers companies opportunities to explore new ways of enabling their employees to conduct business.

Feel free to talk to us today for complimentary and professional advice on the different solutions available for you. Remember, as IT continues to take a central role in the way business is done around the world, we’ll be seeing more and more digital nomads emerge. Unavoidably, companies will have to embrace the virtual sharing of data and reliance on remote access solutions. Be smart, think ahead, and get in touch with us today. We assure you of creative, customisable and convenient solutions to cater to all your business needs. We have a friendly and welcoming customer care team that’s always on standby to speak to you.