NetConnect FAQ

Can I Copy & Paste Into NetConnect?

NetConnect has basic copy and paste functionality (feature is currently in beta). Lines of text can be passed between local and remote sessions, however any formatting (inclusive of carriage returns) is not passed through. Functionality varies across browsers, we recommend using Chrome with the Clipboard Permissions Manager* plugin installed or Internet Explorer.

Below is a list of supported browsers and expected behaviour:

Browser Copy Text In Copy Text Out Formatting In Formatting out
Internet Explorer Yes Yes No No
Chrome (with extension*) Yes Yes No No
Chrome (without extension) No Yes No No
Firefox No Yes No No
Edge No Yes No No
Safari No Yes No No


Does NetConnect Have Multi–Monitor Support?

Multi-Monitor support is not available for HTML5 (in browser) sessions.

Multi-monitor support is available when using our legacy Port Forwarder application, however this solution is only compatible with Internet Explorer and Safari; should you require Multi-Monitor support, please contact your system administrator.

How Do I Enter Full Screen Mode?

To enable Full Screen mode when connected to a NetConnect application, you will need to select the below icon from the Control Panel. Note: the session will refresh to present an appropriately scaled session.

How Do I Move Files?

Files can be moved into your NetConnect session by utilising the Hyper-Drive feature. This section assumes the application being used has been configured for Hyper-Drive access. If you do not see “NC Hyper-Drive” in your drive list, please contact your system administrator.

In order to move a file to a remote session, simply drag it into your browser window. When you move a file into your session, you will be presented with the below message:

Once the transfer is complete, files will be available directly within the Hyper-Drive location. They can then be moved to the required directory within your session. Please note: the Hyper-Drive location is only a temporary storage area, files should be moved from this location immediately after being uploaded. Hyper-Drive will purge all uploaded files after a set period of time or when the NetConnect server is rebooted.

Please note: the Hyper-Drive feature is made for Business As Usual (BAU) data transfers, and as a point of interconnection between otherwise disconnected resources. As such, it is not suitable for large data migrations.

How Do I Print?

NetConnect Release 8 introduces a revised approach to printing with an emphasis on simplicity and cross-platform support. With this new release, documents can be printed from the Remote session to a locally assigned printer and can also be saved locally.

Please note, two-click printing support is available for Chrome, FireFox and Safari only. While printing is supported within Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, additional steps are required.

Please Note:

  • Pop–ups must be allowed from your assigned NetConnect URL within your browser to enable two-click printing (Chrome, FireFox and Safari only)
  • This section assumes the application being used has been configured for Printing Redirection. If you do not see ‘NetConnect (redirected)’ in your printer list, please contact your system administrator

Providing that Printing Redirection is configured, you will be presented with a ‘NetConnect (redirected)’ printer within the remote session. To print locally, select the ‘Print’ option within the program.

Once you have selected ‘Print’, a separate tab will open and display an in-browser PDF viewer (Chrome, FireFox & Safari only); you will be taken directly to the Print Preview page where you can either print to your default printer, or select an alternative printer.

Please note: this is not currently supported on Internet Explorer or Edge browsers due to browser imposed limitations. If you are not being presented with a new tab in Chrome/FireFox/Safari, it is likely that the page is being restricted by a pop-up blocker.

An option to download a PDF copy of the printed page will also be presented in the lower right hand corner of your session. If the hyperlink is clicked, a ‘.pdf’ version of the document is opened locally using the local default PDF viewer; users connecting from either Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge can print from their local PDF application. This message can be dismissed by clicking ‘Clear’.

What Are The Key Combinations?

When using NetConnect, the majority of typical shortcuts of navigating the OS are available in Full Screen mode. For example, Copy + Paste are still bound to the standard Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V shortcut combinations respectively.

Please note, the standard combination for switching active windows Alt + Tab has been re-mapped to Alt + Shift. Additionally, CTRL+ALT+DEL is available from the in session control panel.

The below combinations are NOT supported:

ALT+F4 Close the active item, or quit the active program.
ALT+SPACEBAR Opens the shortcut menu for the active window.
CTRL+F4 Close the active document in programs that allow you to have multiple documents open simultaneously.
ALT+ESC Cycle through items in the order they were opened.
F6 Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop.
ALT+SPACEBAR Display the System menu for the active window.
CTRL+ESC Display the Start menu.
ALT+Underlined letter in a menu name Display the corresponding menu.