Mobile Workspace

Mobile Workspace Solutions from Northbridge Secure

A mobile workspace is no longer a fantasy or a distant concept; instead, it is a reality that is increasingly being embraced by many businesses and individuals globally. This means that with your handheld devices such as a Smartphone or iPad or similar tablet, you can work and access your office workstation with ease. The beauty of it all is that by using self-hosted or cloud-hosted technology, different end users can have access to a primary gateway and access data by using their handheld devices. This is more of a necessity nowadays than a luxury. Northbridge Secure is one of the leading IT companies in Sydney, and have worked with many businesses around the world, offering them remote access to their workstations and files by use of mobile phones.

Northbridge Secure solutions are safe and secure; they can be customised to fit a small company or a large one that has many end users. Today, more and more people are opting to work from home or outside the office. Companies are being forced to find solutions that bridge this new way of doing business; tapping into the productivity of employees who aren’t necessarily sitting in an office. As such, the mobile workspace is quickly becoming the new frontier; be smart and think ahead by embracing this very fact. Northbridge Secure will advise you on the best way to go about it without having to dig too deep into your pocket and will help you create a system that can be integrated into both iOS and Android systems with ease.