Mobile Gateway

Mobile Gateway Options from Northbridge Secure

A mobile gateway is a piece of hardware or software that provides secure connectivity between a remote device and a “backend,” usually a corporate network but it is not unusual for private users to have a remote connection to their home computers. These gateways typically consist of a client and a host. The client is linked to the remote device and establishes a secure connection to the host. The host only allows authorized client requests to access the network. We have redefined the mobile gateway with our NetConnect solution.

NetConnect enables a user to access their office computer from any mobile device. No client is necessary as it provides seamless access to both virtual and physical environments. This service interfaces with all major operating systems including iOS and Android. We believe work is an activity rather than a place. Therefore, work should be able to be performed from anywhere in the world on any device of choice.

NetConnect offers enterprise-class securing using industry leading protocols, total mobility and is incredibly simple to set up. No expensive deployment or complicated changes are required to set up this modernized mobile gateway. Since NetConnect is self-hosted, users have full control over their data while at the same time, no data is ever stored on an end-user device without permission. This is a security precaution as the threat of malware is reduced. As we keep the user experience in mind, even a tech novice will be able to remote access company resources if necessary.