Corporate File Sharing

Need a File Sharing Alternative to Dropbox? Discover Secure Corporate Dropbox Alternatives for Your Business

Information is rarely handed off on CDs and USB keys these days. Instead, most sensitive data is stored in the cloud. It has become especially common in the age of the mobile workforce, as more employees embrace the concept of working on portable devices outside of the office. However, there is a pressing responsibility for companies to make sure their remote employees are using safe and efficient tools when handling their sensitive or classified data. For example, your business probably needs a file sharing program to help remote employees work on projects at a distance, but chances are you want to use something a little more secure than Dropbox.

What Should You Look for When Seeking Dropbox Alternatives for Your Business?

In fact, there is a significant demand for a corporate dropbox alternative. Dropbox alternatives for businesses allow them to upload important documents, images, and other information to cloud-based storage systems much like Dropbox, but with superior security features. Some of the best examples allow you to turn your central servers into cloud-like file storage that you then grant access to your different remote employees. All you need to do in such cases is decide which of your staff members have access to various parts of the server, and which pieces of information can leave the network.

NetConnect is one such system, designed to provide maximum control to clients while empowering end users and allowing them to perform secure work via remote access. It is used in many countries around the world, in both North America and Europe as well as the Asia-Pacific region. The software provides support for numerous businesses that wish to maintain and enhance the security of their mobile workers. NetConnect differs from other such solutions in that it does not connect the devices of end users directly to their corporate networks. Instead, it uses SSL port 443 to provide an additional layer of security and insulate corporate resources from any malware that the end user devices may contain.

Let Northbridge Guide You

NetConnect is developed by Northbridge Secure Systems Pty Ltd, a company based out of Sydney, Australia and trusted around the world. We provide next-generation tools to improve the security of our clients and their remote access workers, which help them adapt to changing business practices and remain competitive in their industries. We have designed NetConnect to be as innocuous as possible while it runs, requiring no data or application migration. As such, we can provide best in class file sharing for businesses and numerous other advantages without adversely impacting user experience.

When it comes to Dropbox alternatives for business, make sure you invest in the best technologies you can find. Contact the offices of Northbridge Secure Systems Pty Ltd and ask about our corporate Dropbox alternative. We’ll show you how you can make file sharing for business purposes simpler and safer with just a few simple programs. Call us today, and change the way you work tomorrow.