Azure Remote Access

Enjoy Azure Remote Access with Remote Desktop Services from Northbridge Secure Systems

Cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure can provide a vast array of services to your business. You can use it to build websites or applications, develop and distribute mobile applications, store and access data in the cloud. One can also use it for predictive analytics and other machine learning tasks. In short, Azure is an extremely versatile cloud environment that can serve as the heart of any enterprise. Simply put, if you are trying to make your business more mobile, it stands to reason that you would want to enable Azure remote access.

Indeed, if your business uses Azure for any of the purposes listed above—or any of the many, many other applications it can serve—you want your entire team to have access to those resources. With how your business is set up, it’s probably no problem for your office employees to engage with Azure solutions. They are right there in the office, where each desktop or laptop computer is configured to connect with and use Azure.

The question is, what happens when you want to adopt BYOD (bring your own device) policies for your business, or when some of your employees start working remotely. How can you provide Azure remote access securely and intuitively?

How NetConnect Can Act as an Azure Remote Desktop Access Solution

NetConnect, a technology developed and sold by Northbridge Secure Systems, is the Azure ‘VPN’ type of solution that you have been seeking. Technically, NetConnect is not exclusively an Azure RDP or VPN. Instead, it is a more general remote access technology, capable of giving end-users access to PCs, servers, or cloud environments via HTML5 compatible browsers or applications. For instance, if you want to give your employees the means to access your server from any device or location, you can use NetConnect.

With that said, NetConnect can absolutely act as an Azure remote desktop gateway. The software easily integrates into any cloud environment, Microsoft Azure included. From there, your users can enjoy remote access to the cloud environment and all the services and resources it has to offer.

Moving the Office into the Modern Realm

Ultimately, the goal behind NetConnect is to maximise productivity. As the idea of ‘work’ shifts away from being a place and towards being an activity, the idea of having a central ‘office’ is becoming obsolete. Increasingly businesses are embracing remote work and telecommuting. As this shift happens, it simply doesn’t make a lot of sense to have any of your business’s files, applications or resources tied to a single physical location.

NetConnect lets you take the things that used to have to be in the office in order to be used by employees and renders them accessible in a secure cloud environment. If your users need to be able to use Azure to build websites or applications and you want them to be able to do those things remotely, NetConnect can be your remote Azure desktop as a service solution. If you want to grant users access to files on a server, NetConnect can do that too. The sheer number of possibilities is staggering.

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